Week 3, Thursday Update....(Sept. 11, 2014)

September 11, 2014

New Sign Ups are being set up TODAY - be sure to go to the sign up pages to see where you can join in!!  Just go to Signupgenius.com and look for all available signups posted by rrbbvc@yahoo.com.



It's time to get our raffle ticket sales into high gear!  Thanks to everyone who has checked out your 10 or more raffle tickets - NOW - it's time to get those tickets sold and turn the money in!  (And of course, check out more if you need them!)  We do have extra tickets available.  

You can turn in your Raffle Ticket Money and check out more tickets tonight during rehearsal.  Just meet at the picnic tables under the shade trees near the admin parking lot at 6:30.  Please take advantage of these convenient drop off locations - it helps our planning for the rest of the raffle season.

You can also drop off your tickets next Thursday, September 18 - same time and location.   We are requesting everyone turn in money for ALL outstanding tickets next Thursday, September 18 - or turn in your unsold tickets - (again, for logistics purposes - so we will have plenty on hand to sell at football games).  If you have not yet sold your tickets, but plan on doing so, just let Alison know and we will note that the tickets have not been paid, but will be...

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS TO MAKE THIS FIRST ANNUAL CAR RAFFLE A SUCCESS!  This is a band fundraiser that successfully earns money for bands all across the country.  We are hoping our raffle is a huge success.  Thank you for being part of this!  


We will need 2-3 people for each home game (and possibly Festival of Bands Night)  to volunteer to drive to Nyle Maxwell near 183 and 620 to pick up the two cars that will be raffled at our Homecoming Game.   (Requirements and liability will be the same for any test drive at a car dealership - they will require a copy of your driver's license and insurance card.) The cars should be picked up at Nyle Maxwell Friday afternoon- 4:30-5:00 (ish) and can be returned to Nyle Maxwell Saturday morning.  We have a volunteer to store the cars at his home over night.

If you are interested in helping out - please contact 512-779-3522 and we can get you the details...


If you would like to be part of the Car Raffle Team - selling tickets at the football games, etc., follow this link to the sign up!  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4dabaf28a13-201415


Our props team has been busy working on the front and back props for the Arabian Nights show... all things are "almost" set - just waiting for the artwork to come in and then.... "showtime!"  

Once we have them ready, we are going to need a crew to help assemble the props each home game and competition event.  Home games simply requires assembly.  Away games will require loading on trucks, unloading, assembly, reloading on trucks and putting them away at the end of the night.  

This is a great team and all are welcome to join in.  The signup just went "Live" this morning... be the first to fill your spot!  Here's the link  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4dabaf28a13-201416


SHOW SHIRTS, YARD SIGNS AND DECALS:   If you still have items you ordered at Everything Day and have not yet picked them up...  Friday September 12 is the day!  Chris and Lori will bring all those orders to the Copperas Cove football game.  PLEASE!!! If you haven't picked up your order yet... stop by and get them Friday night!  And don't forget to stop by our Spirit Sales tables for cups, sunglasses, shirts, umbrellas, scarves and so much more!  


Our sponsorship committee has been doing a great job - but we want to do one final push for the fall season.  If you have an interest in securing sponsors for our band for the season - or have ideas of individuals/companies/foundations that would like to support The Dragon Band, please come to the meeting set for September 17 - 6:30  at Corner Bakery.  You don't have to sign up to come to the meeting, but here's the link if you like to let us know to look for you!  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4dabaf28a13-20142015



Do you order your clarinet reeds through Amazon.com?  Or tennis shoes?  Or Gluten Free Rice Chex?  Or golf clubs?  Did you know that your purchase could benefit the band?  Just log in to smile.amazon.com and pick Round Rock Band Boosters, Inc. as your selected charity, and Amazon sends a portion of your purchase price directly to the band boosters... No cost to you... gain for the boosters!  (Christmas online shopping begins soon - don't forget - smile.amazon.com - and select Round Rock Band Boosters, Inc.


Several area employers offer matching funds programs for local charities or volunteer grant programs.... Please stop by the Fundraising page on this website and check out the information.  And don't forget to ask your HR department if your company provides these benefits..   Here's the link..http://www.dragonbandboosters.com/fundraising/


Don't forget - you can never be bored here in Round Rock, Texas!  Especially on a Monday, Tuesday or Saturday night (and often Fridays as well).  Our band's major source of income is through our association with  Creekside Charity Bingo... Sessions begin 7:15 each  Monday, Tuesday and Saturday night.  We also run a monthly late Friday night session as well.  Be sure to share this information with your friends!  (2300 Chisholm Trail Rd., Round Rock, TX  behind Rudy's and next to DoubleDave's)


Are you in the market for a new fridge?  Have an old working fridge you are trying to relocate?  WE CAN HELP!  BCOB is in need of a working refrigerator for the Dragon Concession Stand.  If you would like to donate a working fridge to help the bands across the district, please contact Melanie Pav melpav@austin.rr.com.