Competition Season Begins!

And just like that, competition season begins!  These next few months will seem like organized chaos (pretty much because it is.) But hang in there parents - it's all worth it to see our kiddos perform on the field!

For those of you who are new band parents, and as a reminder for those of us who have done this for a while, we wanted to post a few guidelines for competition etiquette.  Competition days can be overwhelming for our new families and sometimes the little things get overlooked.  We wanted to put this out there early in the week so everyone has a chance to read it.  Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions regarding competitions in general!  We're happy to help our new parents feel a little more at ease with the day.

Marching Band Competition Etiquette for Parents and Visitors

RULE #1:    Please refrain from talking in the stands while a band is performing.  This is a serious distraction to them and the people around you.

RULE #2:    Please turn off (or at least put on vibrate) your cell phone.  If you receive a call during a performance, please wait until that performance is over before returning the call.

RULE #3:    Please don’t get up to leave or come into the stands during a performance.  This is especially distracting to the band on the field and those around you.  Please do that in between performances.

RULE #4:    EVERY band that takes the field deserves our absolute attention on respect.  We applaud every band that takes the field.  Remember, those kids have worked just as hard as yours and they deserve it!

RULE #5:    Please don’t speak poorly of other bands in the stands, even if you didn’t like their performance.  They’ve worked hard on it.  Those other parents around you might be the parents of the kids in the band you were just talking about.  Always keep a positive attitude regarding EVERY band.

RULE #6:    Please refrain from calling out your student’s name when the Dragon Band takes the field.  Instead of drawing attention to one individual (which usually embarrasses that student), stick to the traditional, “Go Rock! Go Band! Go Rock Band!” cheer that will bring attention to the entire ensemble.

RULE #7:    No matter where we finish in the standings at the end of the evening, please applaud every band.  It’s not about where we place or what trophies we garner; but rather how well the kids performed that day/night on the field.

We want everyone to walk away from the night’s performances saying what a class act the Round Rock High School Dragon Band and Fans were.  Our kids are held to incredibly high standards.  We should be too!