Fundraising - Boosters vs. Band

Doesn’t it all go to the same place?  Well, the short answer is – yes.  However, BOOSTER fundraising and BAND fundraising are different.  We know this can be an extremely confusing topic, so we wanted to give you some additional information to try to make things as clear as we possibly can. 

The Dragon Band budget is made up of funding from a few different sources; booster raised funds only make up one portion of it.  Each portion of the budget goes toward paying different, necessary things that band needs for both marching season and concert season.  Some of this comes from 2 types of fundraising – fundraising done by BOOSTERS and fundraising done by the BAND. 

BOOSTER fundraising

includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sponsorships – both business and Family & Friends
  • Car Raffle
  • Bingo
  • Concessions
  • Mattress Sale
  • Spirit Wear sales
  • Etc.

These funds go toward band expenses, but come out of and into our RRBB accounts.  We ask parents and families to participate in the fundraisers in the form of volunteering (for bingo and concessions for example) or by selling things like car raffle tickets.

There are specific rules the BOOSTERS need to follow as a 501(c)(3) organization regarding fundraisers.  As a nonprofit, we are also able to write receipts for tax-deductible donations to our sponsors.

BAND fundraising

includes, but it not limited to:

  • Band-a-Thon
  • Sheet Sales
  • Candle Sales
  • Item sales of any kind

Students are asked to participate in these fundraisers.  Basically, if the students are doing the majority of the work (marching, selling things) it’s a BAND fundraiser.  These funds come out of and into the RRHS Band account with the school.  BAND fundraisers need to follows the rules set out by RRISD, which are sometimes different than those for a non-profit organization.

The funds from these different group fundraisers CANNOT be interchanged.  We noticed several checks for raffle ticket money were turned in inside the Band-a-Thon envelopes.  These are separate fundraisers run by separate organizations.  A check for the raffle tickets needs to be written to RRBB and the checks for Band-a-Thon need to be written to RRHS Band.  Legally one organization is not able to take in money for the other.

If you are ever unsure of whether or not a current fundraiser is a BOOSTER fundraiser or a BAND fundraiser, please ask.  We want to make sure both groups are adhering to the rules and regulations set out for each of them.  If you have any questions about anything regarding fundraising, we’re happy to answer them!  Never hesitate to ask!