Marching Band Season 101

The long summer days are coming to an end and the school year is rapidly approaching; that means just one thing! Marching Band is well upon us!

We've come to the beginning of another season!  This is the most exciting (and BUSY) time of the band year for our Dragon students and families, but it's worth it!  We can't wait to see them on the field doing what they all do so well.

For those of you who are new band parents, and as a reminder for those of us who have been doing this for a while, we wanted to post a few guidelines for this marching band season.  Competition and game days can be overwhelming for our new families and sometimes the little things get overlooked.  We're happy to help our new parents feel a little more at ease with the process.  

This year the Varsity band is gearing up for another run at the Bands of America Grand National Championships. They will be among the very best bands in the country and we want our fans to be up to that challenge as well. For those of you who are not familiar with the Bands of America competitions, our band will compete in the Austin Regional, Conroe/Houston Regional and the San Antonio Super Regional competitions before heading up to Indianapolis to compete at the Grand National Championships. Along with those Bands of America competitions the Varsity Band will also perform at the Westlake Marching Festival, UIL Region 26 Marching Contest and the RRISD Festival of Bands (in exhibition). 

Some important things to remember about marching competitions. The judges don't like noisemakers (cow bells, etc) and have even commented in past years about fans being overzealous with their cheering.  Please help us support and cheer for the band, but do so conservatively as not to invite negative judges comments. Stick to the Go Rock, Go Band, Go ROCK BAND cheer, and please do not call out individual names or sections before, during or after the band's performance.

Marching Band Etiquette for Parents and Visitors

These rules apply any time you are watching a band performance, including football games, after football games, exhibitions, and of course contests.

RULE #1:    Please refrain from talking in the stands while a band is performing.  This is a serious distraction to them and the people around you. Your conversation can wait until a band is not on the field.

RULE #2:    Please turn off (or at least put on vibrate) your cell phone.  If you receive a call during a performance, please wait until that performance is over before returning the call.

RULE #3:    Please don’t get up to leave or come into the stands during a performance.  This is especially distracting to the band on the field and those around you.  Please do that in between performances.

RULE #4:    EVERY band that takes the field deserves our absolute attention and respect.  We applaud every band that takes the field.  Remember, those kids have worked just as hard as yours and they deserve it!

RULE #5:    Please don’t speak poorly of other bands in the stands, even if you didn’t like their performance.  They’ve worked hard on it.  Those other parents around you might be the parents or friends of the kids in the band you were just talking about.  Always keep a positive attitude regarding EVERY band. Band is a family even in competition.  Negative comments can reflect negatively on the entire Dragon Band program.

RULE #6:   Again, please refrain from calling out your student’s name when the Dragon Band takes the field.  Instead of drawing attention to one individual (which usually embarrasses that student), stick to the traditional, “Go Rock! Go Band! GO ROCK BAND!” cheer that will bring attention to the entire ensemble.

RULE #7:    No matter where we finish in the standings at the end of the evening, please applaud every band.  It’s not about where we place or what trophies we garner; but rather how well the kids performed that day/night on the field.

RULE #8:    Please leave all noisemakers at home.  This is extremely important at any UIL Marching Competitions.  They may distract the performers and could even affect a band's score if the judge is unable to hear the music.  Cheering and applause are fine during a performance and may be especially appropriate after a solo or when the band or color guard achieves a particularly striking effect.  Music judges are almost always outside of the press box near the center of the stadium.  If you are sitting directly below this area, please be extremely aware of your noise level throughout our performance and the entire competition.

RULE #9:    General information regarding photos and videos:

  • At all BOA competitions, taking photos from the stands is okay.  However, they do not permit any tripods.  Video and/or audio recording at these events is strictly prohibited and enforced.
  • At Region/Area UIL competitions, taking photos is allowed.  Videos are not expressly prohibited but may be "frowned upon."
  • At football games, taking photos and videos is absolutely okay!  Just don't stand or obstruct the view of others around you.
  • IMPORTANT - please do NOT publicly share any video or audio recording of the Varsity Band show until after the end of the contest season.  This includes "live streaming" on any social media sites, as they turn into posted videos once the stream is over.

We want everyone to walk away from the night’s performances saying what a class act the Round Rock High School Dragon Band and Fans are.  Our kids are held to incredibly high standards.  We should be too!

See you at the games and competitions!  Wear maroon!  Go Rock!  Go Band!  GO ROCK BAND!