New (to us) Equipment Truck

In the Spring and Early summer of 2018 the Round Rock Band Boosters held a special fundraiser to raise enough money to purchase a semi-trailer and/or a box truck to help with the growing transportation needs of the band. Enough money was raised to purchase this awesome semi-trailer and in June of 2018 the trailer was delivered.

It is with great thanks and HUGE appreciation that we recognize all of our Equipment Truck Donors! We also would like to thank the countless others who gave their time and money to this effort. This would not have happened without their amazing support of the Dragon Band!

The challenge is not quite over however. We still need some help.

Specifically we need Drivers with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) who can help us get equipment to and from contests and special events. Do you have a CDL and can help? Contact us today!

We also are still looking for people who have experience in electrical and mechanical maintenance and upkeep. If you have any experience in these area, let us know we could use your advice and help!

And finally, we are looking for options on painting or wrapping this trailer to truly make it our own. We'd love to see a dragon on the side of this thing when it is rolling down the highway. If you could help us brand our trailer, let us know.