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Summer Band

Begins July 27th, 8:00am, RRHS Band Hall.

Color Guard will begin at 8:00am at Chisholm Trail MS

Basic Items:

Summer Band begins on Monday, July 27th and finishes with our Parent Preview on Thursday, August 20th

Attendance is required

Freshman must attend RRHS Freshman Orientation on Thursday, August 13th from 8:30-12:30

Leadership and Rock Drums are expected to perform at Freshman Orientation

When it says "All" that's everyone! All woodwinds, all brass, all color guard, all percussion, doesn't matter if you're JV or V On Parent Preview day we'll take section/class/group photos, eat and perform for parents

Items you'll need for Summer Band:

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Dragon Band water jug - provided for incoming members only on the first day
  • Athletic socks
  • Athletic shoes - no converse, vans, toms-basically shoes that lack support-don't wear those
  • Black shorts-athletic style, comfortable - no jean shorts
  • Instrument in working order - school owned instrument pick up information will be available soon
  • All music - provided on the first day in hard copy - soft copies available online soon
  • Flip Folder - issued for the marching season (will be returned upon completion) on the first day of summer band
  • Three rehearsal shirts - provided on the first day - we will let you know what days to wear them

Smart Preparation:

Drink a lot of water during summer band and perhaps even more importantly - the week leading to summer band

Eat breakfast each day - do not make a sudden change to your diet - start eating whatever it is that you're going to eat about a week before we begin

Go outside the weeks leading to summer band - get your body acclimated to the heat. Avoid cokes and energy drinks before and during summer band - water is the answer

Basic breakdown of the day: variation week to week

8-Noon - Morning block: Meet, stretch, PT, marching basics and/or learning drill - visual focus, Percussion with full group and also on your own. Guard with full group and on your own.

Noon-1 - Lunch

1-4pm - Afternoon block: Sectional time with lesson teachers and JV/V winds time with directors - visual and musical focus, Percussion in sectionals. Guard in sectionals.

4-6pm - Dinner

6-9pm - Evening block: V full ensemble time

Other things to know:

We will rehearse all together, in smaller groups, in JV/V and in sections at varying points throughout each day - we will let you know who/when/where etc... We will rehearse in various locations around campus - our practice field, band hall, classrooms, gyms - we will let you know who/when/where etc... LUNCH is not provided DINNER is not provided One DAY of summer band is worth one WEEK of regular season rehearsals It is vital that you attend each and every day for the full time required

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