Participation with the boosters is voluntary - but it is strongly encouraged.  In fact, there is no way the Dragon Band program could function at the current level, without the strong support of our parents.  Volunteers are needed to build, sew, sell spirit wear, work concessions - at football and baseball games, drive trucks, chaperone, haul props, load equipment, feed kids, plan events... and so much more....  

On any given football Friday night, we might have 80-90 volunteers working on different tasks!  And each and every one matters. 

Most of our  fall volunteer opportunities are available through the Sign Up Genius account.  Just click the links in the list below and it will  to take you directly to a sign up page for each of our volunteer opportunities.   


Spirit Wear Sales

Raffle ticket Sales

Drive a Raffle Car to Football Games

Please, don't forget to go to to submit your RRISD volunteer application (only takes 3-5 minutes).     And... when you are volunteering for the band during regular school hours, don't forget to go by the office and check in through the RAPTOR system.  

Our band program can not be a success without the tireless effort from our wonderful volunteers. It is only through their hard work and dedication that we can adequately support our band program. Thank you volunteers of the Dragon Band!